Trust Objectives


The Objectives of The Amar Jyoti Trust are:

  1. To advance the education and welfare of orphans, abandoned children, and physically or mentally handicapped children, by providing financial support for schools, children’s homes and orphanages in India.
  2. To improve the living conditions of the tribal peoples and other impoverished communities, and especially the women in those communities, by providing financial support for adult education and vocational training.
  3. To provide financial support for community health services which can be accessed by the tribal peoples and other impoverished communities in India.
  4. To fund women’s hostels providing shelter, support and advocacy to women in crisis, for example women who are abused or faced with domestic violence.

These objectives align with the work of our partners in India, the Missionary Sisters of the Queen of Apostles (SRA), who have a long track record of excellence in providing all of these services to impoverished and marginalised communities throughout India.