Schools for Blind Children


Our partners, the SRA, have a long history of educating blind children in India. After great success in establishing the award winning Jeevan Jyoti School for the Blind in Varanasi, now the SRA wants to repeat that success in Jharkhand state, a poor region of north east India. The SRA runs a blind children’s school in Ranchi, the main city of Jharkhand, giving hope to 20 children from poor families in the surrounding villages. Without this help, these children would remain illiterate and could never attend normal schools or learn to support themselves.


But this is only a start. To help greater numbers of children in need, the SRA is building a new hostel and school for blind children at Chanho, a small town in the tribal belt of Jharkhand state. With the help of The Amar Jyoti Trust, the first phase of construction is now underway, but more funding is urgently needed to complete the project.

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