Success Stories


On this page we give the stories of women who have benefited from vocational training at Chanho. These stories are in their own words.


“I am Fulpati, 22 years old from a poor family of seven. I have completed my 10+2 [senior secondary school] in Arts in the year 2008. I used to work as a daily labourer from class 6th [start of secondary school] onwards, to give the fee for the school. I worked for one year with the sisters in Jharkhand and with that money I took admission for Multi-Purpose Health Worker training in Preriton Ki Rani Vocational Training Centre, Chanho.

I have completed the training for 9 months and now I am working in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh. I am earning Rs. 4000/- per month and I will educate my elder sister with my earnings because she spent the expenses for my training. We had to help our family too. I will educate my sister with my earnings and settle her first. I am happy that I have completed the training and am working now. I can help my younger sister in her studies too.”

Divya Lakra

“I was unfortunate to discontinue my studies after class 6th [the lowest class in secondary school] due to poverty. I worked as a daily labourer at the rate of Rs. 40/- [about 60p] per day. But when I came to know about the vocational training centre at Chanho I took the admission for tailoring. I have completed the training. Now I am working at home. I get many clothes to stitch [from] nearby villages and also give their cloth to me to stitch. I am earning around Rs. 1700/- month. I am helping my parents with my income. I am very happy that I have got a chance to learn tailoring so that I can stand on my feet even though I am not educated.”

Kamla Minj

“At the age of two I become a victim of paralysis. My right leg is affected restricting my movements. My family neglected me. But I was determined to study. With my paralyzed leg I travel 5 km by cycle every day to school. Now I am doing my Intermediate (+2) [senior secondary school]. Eight months back Preriton Ki Rani Vocational Training Centre offered me Tailoring training.

A good soul who felt pity on my situation sponsored my training. Now I have completed my training as well as embroidery. Now I am already earning money by stitching. I will continue my studies as well as work at home and earn money for my further studies. People from nearby villages give their cloth to stitch, since there is no tailor in my village I get money to stitch cloth. Side by side I am learning spoken English too. I am very happy and grateful to the centre and my well-wishers.”

Sushma Toppo

“I am Miss Sushma Toppo, 25 years old from Gumla District, village Sakiya, Jharkhand, India. I have studied Intermediate in 2nd Div. [senior secondary school] in 2002. I have passed my intermediate. I have unfortunately lost all my certificates, 10th grade as well as intermediate, in 2003. I could not continue my studies without the certificate. Once more my parents couldn’t spend money to get my certificate Duplicate. In this situation I had no choice but I went to work as a domestic. I worked there 10 months. My salary was 1400/- from there I had to change my place I was not treated well. From there I was sent to a convent in Bihar where I was given a job. The sisters told me about the vocational training in Chanho.

Since I had collected money I was able to complete my studies at the Vocational Training Centre, Chanho in Multi-Purpose Health Worker training for 9 months. Now I have completed the course. I am very happy that I have learned vocational training. Now I can work as a professional and support my family. I feel happy that I have worked hard and with that money I have got a professional job. Soon after my studies I got a job in a hospital where I am earning 4000/- per month. I am grateful to God for helping me in this way.”

Sushma Minj

“I am Sushma Minj. At the age of two I became a victim of Polio Militias. My both legs were affected restricting my movements. I am unable to walk. With help of my hands I move. Still I had a desire to study. So I completed my Matriculation. My family neglected me and took very little care of me. I used to feel useless and burden to my family. My family could not meet the financial needs of my further education. In this dispirited situation seeing my disability one NGO [charitable organisation] approached me and assured me to help in my vocational training.

So I got admission in Preriton Ki Rani Vocational Training Centre for Office Assistant course. I have grown a lot and have come out of little self with interaction of the other students in the training Centre. I was given counselling and encouragement and support by the students and teachers. Now I feel happy and I can work with any other person after the completion of my computer training. I am happy that I am earning Rs. 3500/- per month in order to meet basic needs and lead a dignified life.”