Chanho Vocational Training Centre


Sewing Class

The community training centre at Chanho serves 100 tribal villages in the state of Jharkhand in north-east India. The aim is to provide the women and youth of these villages with the skills to support themselves in their own communities and in the local economy.

Without this training, many of these women have to leave their villages for the major cities, where they sink to the bottom of society and can never achieve dignity and independence.

The centre provides six to nine month residential courses in: tailoring; office work and computer skills; multi-purpose health work; craft making.

Computer Class

How You Can Make a Difference

The training centre is run by the Sisters of the Queen of Apostles (SRA) within an already established mission which includes a community hospital and a middle school. This means that the net cost of training is very low even for India – about £60 per trainee for a six month residential course in tailoring, and £200 per trainee for the nine month office assistant and health worker courses.

The women and youths who need this training come from extremely poor families and cannot afford even these minimal costs. With your sponsorship, the sisters can offer training to those who need it most.

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