Win Home, Mumbai


Reaching out to Women In Need

Appeal to build a larger centre so that more women in need can receive help and justice. The SRA sisters have helped over 1,500 frightened, homeless women since 2003 when Sr Vinayalata founded WIN Home after working with slum dwellers in Mumbai. This gave her insight into the daily problems they face: domestic violence due to alcohol or dowry issues, sexual abuse, torture, forced marriages, financial exploitation, premarital pregnancies and contraction of HIV/STDs. Moral and Social stigma makes them vulnerable to live in society and they are left to fend for themselves. Most women approach the sisters late at night looking for shelter and protection.


The Sisters provide temporary shelter, unconditional love, counselling, medical care, legal aid, accommodation, vocational training, understanding, care, concern, job placement and rehabilitation of these women. They face many constraints not least space constraint, working in a small village house and need funds to accommodate more women who they are not able to give justice to because the need for the home is great.